For Peoria by the Future of Peoria.
For Peoria by the Future of Peoria.
A Cutting Edge Hands-On Business Curriculum for Public High Schools.

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AppsCo is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization providing a fully integrated business learning curriculum for public school students. Our mission is to create a safe environment that challenges minds and fosters mentorship through local business leaders, giving students life skills and business experience critical to shaping their future. AppsCo students receive a hands-on learning experience working on projects and receiving internships for local businesses to reinforce the classroom principles.

84% of alumni indicate that their experience enabled them to connect what they learned to college, the workplace, and life.
Sponsors indicated that 75% of participants reliably showed an increase in job related skills, productivity, morale and overall success.
Studies of high school business programs indicate a 20% increase in high school academic performance among participating students over non-participating students.

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