Meet the Crew Part 3

By Carolina Remond

Today we are introducing two ladies in our team. The first is Amanda Tran. The second is Katt Withers. Amanda works on our Instagram and Katt is on the YouTube team.

Amanda took this picture in Seattle, WA!

Amanda’s passion is dance. She has been dancing for the last six years and is on the varsity  Royalettes dance team at Richwoods. Fun fact: Amanda’s passion for dance actually came from a Dance Moms episode! Amanda is also in Knights in Shining Armor or KISA, which is a student organization that seeks to improve the school culture of Richwoods as well as boost student morale. Amanda holds an executive board position in Interact, a group that seeks to connect students to their community through service projects. One of Amanda’s hobbies is binge watching movies and tv shows. She even watched all 15 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in 3 weeks. That’s five seasons a week, holy cow! And of course, she likes a good nap, but who doesn’t?

Katt had a great time at homecoming last year!

Katherine ‘Katt’ Withers is a junior in high school. She is on the swim team and also swims outside of high school season at Peoria Area Water Wizards, or PAWW. Katt is also involved in numerous clubs, KISA and Interact among them. Katt is a natural born leader and is not afraid to speak up. Katt is very funny and can always put a smile on your face. In fact, she wrote up a little challenge for our readers!


Two Truths and a Lie about Katt Withers:

1)    I have family living on three different continents.
2)    I lived in China for four years.
3)    I have ridden elephants and camels.

Answer: 1 is false- my extended family lives in North America and Oceania.


Katt and Amanda went to Peoria Christian together and their 8th grade class was only 12 people! Together as friends, coworkers, and peers they work hard to make their school, and community, a better place.