By:Shaelyn Johnson & Mariah Cooley


School is in session here at Richwoods High School! And the new AppsCo class is jammed back with new students who are ready to learn and succeed! The AppsCo class here at Richwoods is taught by Mr.Parker Gross and the class is full of eager freshmen and sophomores who are eager to get into AppsCo and learn what we’re all about.

We went to the AppsCo class today during our study hall to go see what they were learning and working on, the past few days they were filling out all of the information about what their interested in and the departments they would potentially want to be in. They also took a Cliffton’s Strength Finder’s Test to find their 5 core personality traits that make them who they are. Today the students got to talk to Ann Oliver who was talking about their strengths finders test and she coaches them on their Strength’s Finder test results. The students then got assigned a pretty cool assignment! They worked in groups of 4 and did a powerpoint, poster, or even experiment to show how all of their strengths can go together and make a successful team!  Each student also did a 30 second pitch about their strengths and what they think about them, how they help them, and what they learned about themselves from seeing their strengths.

The students are taking a great start on AppsCo and learning so much so they can start doing more for the company!