AppsCo Rise Up Event

By: Ethan Mejzak

On September 19th, AppsCo held a fundraising event to held support AppsCo in its ventures to help expand its program to other schools. During the event, AppsCo students helped around different areas, pictures, live videos, greetings, and much more. Overall, I’d say the event was a success, and it made me happy to see that Peoria has a very strong community. 

During the event, I was working with beads. I was trying to get people interested in them so that my partner and I could tell them about the game you would play if you got them. It was a heads or tails game, which is a game where you can choose either heads, or tails and depending on the outcome, you would stay standing our sit down. The person who stood the longest would win a prize. Being at the event opened my eyes to how much the people of Peoria really care for it. I was glad to see and talk to new people, and was able to talk about AppsCo quite often. Later in the event, everyone went upstairs to eat food, and for people to receive awards. During that time, we would also go around and try to get people to get more beads. I’m not good with my legs, so I had a cane and didn’t help much with the upstairs activities. But that wasn’t what this event is about.

To me, this event was about AppsCo. Peoria. While I was setting up for the event, I could see the passion in everyone’s eyes, they wanted this event to be a success. I loved seeing how everyone was striving so the event was a success, and so we could help better AppsCo and Peoria as a whole. Working with my colleagues also has shown me how much they care as well. Just being a part of this event made me happy, and I’m glad it was a success. I hope very well that Peoria’s community can come together like this more, so we can truly strive for greatness.