By: Dina Taher & Shaelyn Johnson


Teamwork is essential to maintaining a successful business. If faculty staff and management cannot properly communicate, the workplace is going to be divided. Communication and teamwork allow for others ideas to be shown in the workplace. Incorporating multiple opinions and views on an issue may create the best solution for factors such as budgeting, logistics and convenience. Lack of communication creates problems in making decisions and also in finding out what work is being done throughout the company.  If you decide to work on a project, communicating what you are doing to your peers helps to get more ideas into the mix and can make a potentially better end result.

No one person knows everything or can do everything right, but when you combine multiple minds that have different perceptive and idea you can make one very big and intelligent end result. In most businesses they have certain roles and task they have to fulfill to help the business succeed. That right there is teamwork without people even realizing it! You may not be working directly with people but the work that you do can help the entire business flourish.

An example of good team work in a business is AppsCo! In our business everyone has a specific and valuable role in the company. Without our technology team we would not have apps for the marketing team to market out or for the sales team to try and pitch about. Without the multi-media team we would not have content to post on our other social medias, and last but not least without our leaders we wouldn’t have people to help push and motivate us to do all of our work from each department.


Without teamwork it’s very hard for a business to reach its full potential!