A Day In the Life of an AppsCo Member

A Day In the Life of an AppsCo Member


Day in the life of an AppsCo member

In this blog post, I will go over one member of AppsCo’s daily schedule, and how they use their time over a one day period. In this post, I will go over what they do in the morning, what they do during school, and what they do in the afternoon. I didn’t ask about any personal interest questions, so it is more about the schedule, instead of their personal interests.

I will be starting with Monday, since school is a major factor in their schedule. Instead of calling them “the person I questioned” I will simply be calling them “student” . On Monday, student wakes up late in the morning, usually around 6:50-7:10 (School begins at 7:30) and brushes their teeth, gets their items and leaves for school. They do not eat breakfast. The student goes to Richwoods High School, and lives close by. Once they get to school, they sit down in class and get prepared for the day. The day goes normal, with many classes having discussions about things regarding what they are currently learning. Once school ends, depending on the date, the student will either walk home, get picked up, or go to club. On Monday, the student goes to club, then returns home. When the student gets home, they let the dogs out, feed and give the dogs water, and give the cats food and water. After this, they go to their room and watch YouTube or a show on their phone. If they have no homework, they will play a video game for a small amount of time. Around 7, the student will take a shower, eat dinner, then do their homework or study for a quiz. After they finish, the time is usually around 10, in which they will watch a few videos, and go to bed around 11:30. Then the next morning rolls around, and the schedule doesn’t change very much.

So, that is a day in the life of an AppsCo member. I’m interested in asking different people from AppsCo about this kind of thing, to see how someone balances time when they are involved in a sport that takes up much more time than a club or activity. I’m very interested to see the results!

AppsCo Rise Up Event!

AppsCo Rise Up Event!


AppsCo Rise Up Event

By: Ethan Mejzak

On September 19th, AppsCo held a fundraising event to held support AppsCo in its ventures to help expand its program to other schools. During the event, AppsCo students helped around different areas, pictures, live videos, greetings, and much more. Overall, I’d say the event was a success, and it made me happy to see that Peoria has a very strong community. 

During the event, I was working with beads. I was trying to get people interested in them so that my partner and I could tell them about the game you would play if you got them. It was a heads or tails game, which is a game where you can choose either heads, or tails and depending on the outcome, you would stay standing our sit down. The person who stood the longest would win a prize. Being at the event opened my eyes to how much the people of Peoria really care for it. I was glad to see and talk to new people, and was able to talk about AppsCo quite often. Later in the event, everyone went upstairs to eat food, and for people to receive awards. During that time, we would also go around and try to get people to get more beads. I’m not good with my legs, so I had a cane and didn’t help much with the upstairs activities. But that wasn’t what this event is about.

To me, this event was about AppsCo. Peoria. While I was setting up for the event, I could see the passion in everyone’s eyes, they wanted this event to be a success. I loved seeing how everyone was striving so the event was a success, and so we could help better AppsCo and Peoria as a whole. Working with my colleagues also has shown me how much they care as well. Just being a part of this event made me happy, and I’m glad it was a success. I hope very well that Peoria’s community can come together like this more, so we can truly strive for greatness.


A Dynamic Duo


Meet the Crew Part 3

By Carolina Remond

Today we are introducing two ladies in our team. The first is Amanda Tran. The second is Katt Withers. Amanda works on our Instagram and Katt is on the YouTube team.

Amanda took this picture in Seattle, WA!

Amanda’s passion is dance. She has been dancing for the last six years and is on the varsity  Royalettes dance team at Richwoods. Fun fact: Amanda’s passion for dance actually came from a Dance Moms episode! Amanda is also in Knights in Shining Armor or KISA, which is a student organization that seeks to improve the school culture of Richwoods as well as boost student morale. Amanda holds an executive board position in Interact, a group that seeks to connect students to their community through service projects. One of Amanda’s hobbies is binge watching movies and tv shows. She even watched all 15 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in 3 weeks. That’s five seasons a week, holy cow! And of course, she likes a good nap, but who doesn’t?

Katt had a great time at homecoming last year!

Katherine ‘Katt’ Withers is a junior in high school. She is on the swim team and also swims outside of high school season at Peoria Area Water Wizards, or PAWW. Katt is also involved in numerous clubs, KISA and Interact among them. Katt is a natural born leader and is not afraid to speak up. Katt is very funny and can always put a smile on your face. In fact, she wrote up a little challenge for our readers!


Two Truths and a Lie about Katt Withers:

1)    I have family living on three different continents.
2)    I lived in China for four years.
3)    I have ridden elephants and camels.

Answer: 1 is false- my extended family lives in North America and Oceania.


Katt and Amanda went to Peoria Christian together and their 8th grade class was only 12 people! Together as friends, coworkers, and peers they work hard to make their school, and community, a better place.

Meet The Crew! Part 2

Meet The Crew! Part 2


Meet Some More Members

By Ethan Mejzak

In this blog post, I will tell you more about two of our wonderful members here at AppsCo, Maryjane and Ethan. I will post what they directly wrote to me, and add on some nice things that I like about them!

Hi everyone! I’m Maryjane, but a lot of people call me MJ (I like either name) I’m involved in golf and soccer at Richwoods High School! I am on robotics team 1756. I plan on joining a lot of clubs this school year. I love to redecorate my room! Some might say I have unhealthy obsessions with Chick-Fil-A and High School Musical. What I like about MJ is that she is very nice, funny, a hard worker, and has some very good taste in music. She brings a good attitude to AppsCo, and we are glad to have her!

Hi guys, my name is Ethan. I like to participate in school and outside of the community a lot in Peoria. I am involved in Chess club, DND, Habitat for Humanity, Key club, Spanish club, and Knights in Shining Armour. I volunteer around animal shelters usually, as I am a big advocate for adopting animals that need homes. My hobbies include playing video games, and watching TV, mostly sports. I plan on joining Interact Club this year, where I can help out my school and community even more. If I had to pick a favorite food, color, and song, I’d say spaghetti, blue, and no song. I don’t listen to music a lot. People always ask why I don’t, and I usually don’t have a reason. I guess it just isn’t appealing to me. I’m glad that I was able to join AppsCo, as it has given me an experience I never thought I would get. I like Ethan because he has a great sense of humour. He has a good attitude, and enjoys working for AppsCo.

That was only a few of our wonderful members here at AppsCo. We will create more posts about our memebers at later dates, so stay tuned for more meet AppsCo posts!


Experience AppsCo’s Rise Up Event!

Experience AppsCo’s Rise Up Event!


By: Ethan Mejzak

The Event

Join AppsCo in our effort to give the youth the power to be the next business and civil leaders. On September 19th, at the Venue Chisca, you will be able to join AppsCo in a fundraising event, in which the proceeds go directly to supporting academic excellence in Peoria High Schools. The event chairs are Elizabeth and Alexis Khazzam, in which Alexis, the founder of AppsCo will talk about empowering today’s youth.

appsco’s goals

AppsCo started out as an after school club at Richwoods, and has expanded into a company striving to improve the community. At AppsCo, we wish strive daily to help improve our community in Peoria, and expanding our program to other people. Our vision is to help the community by not just developing apps, but helping out in the community as well. We value the community above all else, and strive to help out. We have helped out the community a lot over the past years, developing two apps and raising money for districts around Peoria. Our aim at the Rise Up event is so we can raise money to further help Peoria, and make it a better place overall.

We hope to see you at the event!

At AppsCo, we hope see you at the event this September to raise money for our public schools and community. With these donations, we want to help expand classrooms at Richwoods High School and Manual High School, as well as put AppsCo into Peoria High School by this fall.


I Saw Come From Away and I Had A Whole New Perspective

I Saw Come From Away and I Had A Whole New Perspective



By Carolina Remond

It’s two weeks before junior year is going to start and I’m longing for one last adventure. So, to fulfill this wish, a dear friend and I buy tickets to see a show in Chicago on Saturday. We found tickets for a great deal and the musical? Come From Away. Come From Away is a highly awarded show, so we were very lucky to snag tickets so close to the show’s date.


 Come From Away is a musical that tells the story of the thirty-eight planes that were diverted to Gander, Newfoundland after the events of September 11th, 2001. There were about 7,000 people on those thirty-eight planes and the musical tells the story of the town coming together to welcome, support, and take care of the strangers that landed on their doorstep (or rather, in their airport!)

The original Broadway cast!

The entire musical is told by twelve actors who each play multiple roles. We hear of the struggles to contact family members, friends and bosses, the scramble to find enough food and supplies for 7,000 people, and the slow build of friendship between the Gander residents and plane passengers. The show itself is positive and optimistic, and the cheery personalities of the Newfoundlanders kept me smiling for 90 minutes. I wish the show was longer because I wanted to absorb it all just a little bit more. 


I loved all the songs but I think Welcome to the Rock is definitely my favorite overall. The beat, the dialogue intermixed with singing, the entire company involved- it’s brilliant. Believe me when I tell you though, it is so hard to sing all the parts.

Me having an AMAZING time!

Seeing Come From Away was an incredible experience and taught me that, with kindness, you can make someone’s day, week, or even year.              

Despite the smile, I was sad it was over


Comment your favorite musicals below!

Meet The Crew! Intro

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Get to Know Us!


New year, new Appsco. The Appsco team has some fresh blood and we are prepared to represent Appsco to the fullest. With fourteen new members,  we have a lot to offer. Appsco is such a phenomenal organization because it really helps connect high school students to the working class. The next few posts will star our stellar new members.

Summer fun at Amanda’s!




Brianna Hill


Brianna is a junior at Richwoods High School. She participates in many extracurricular activities, and is in the International Baccalaureate Program, which encourages academic achievement and challenging classes.


Brianna is a hard worker and received the Deirdre Purcell Collins Math Award which recognizes top scores on standardized tests and excellent classroom performance.  Brianna also helps out the school through her position on student council. She has been on student council for six years and she plans to continue throughout the rest of high school. Brianna is apart of robotics where she participates in the mechanical sub-team. Her team, Robot Casserole, won a regional championship and made it to the World Championship in 2018.



Brianna is a fantastic team player and we love that she’s involved in so many activities. She participates in track, the Royalette dance team, Spanish club, and Key Club, which is an organization that goes out into the community and volunteers year round. Through this club she has volunteered at the Peoria Zoo, Civic Center, Midw est Food Bank, and many other places. Brianna is on our Twitter team for Appsco and is always super great at interacting with our followers! 

This is the first of our member introductions and i can’t wait for you guys to keep meeting us! We have a lot to show you. Helping out our community is our favorite activity but we have many other pastimes that we love too!

Comment your hobbies and interests below!


Wildlife Prairie Park: Olde English Faire

Wildlife Prairie Park: Olde English Faire

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By: Ethan Mejzak

Wildlife Prairie Park is host to many events that are held year round and give people many different things to do when you visit. One of these events is the Olde English Faire, which was held on June 21st through June 23rd is one of Wildlife’s biggest events and is a medieval faire. There are many different things you can do, with shows, shops and attractions that will keep your attention for the whole day! I will discuss some of the things that I saw and my overall experience at the faire.


The attractions at the Olde English Faire were interesting to see and look at, as I watched many people participate in them. The two most popular attractions were the axe-throwing and archery attractions. For axe-throwing, you could pay money to get 3 or 5 axes and throw them at a target. There wasn’t a prize for hitting them, but the fun came from throwing actual axe and seeing if you could hit the target. It was much harder than it looked, as there was specific ways to hold and throw the axe, as the people working it didn’t want you to injure yourself. The other attraction was archery, and it was pretty straightforward. You could pay money to be able to shoot a bow and arrow at a target that was around 30-50 feet away. It was also pretty tough to work, as putting the arrow in the bowstring isn’t easy. I didn’t get close to a bulls-eye at all, but neither did anyone else that I watched, so that made me feel a little better about myself. All in all, I thought the attractions were a good way to interest people in doing something they haven’t tried before.



The faire had a lot of shops filled with various goods everywhere. The faire had a ton of variety on what you could look at and buy, with loads of interesting shops. The shops that interested me the most are the places that had weapons, or crowns, rings and necklaces with unique designs. The shops with weapons had lots of custom swords with uniquely designed sheaths and handles. I looked at a lot of them, and saw a really cool sword that I liked, but then realized that all I was going to do with it was display it, then eventually lose it. The other shop that had caught my attention was a crown, ring and necklace store that had beatifically crafted items that were amazing to look at. They allowed people to try the crowns on, and I have to say that I didn’t look half bad with one on. The shops were a nice to go into and look around, with a lot of items that would interest you.


The shows were my favorite part of the faire, with every show being entertaining in its own right. The first show I saw was a show called the “knotty bits pirate circus” it was a comedy show with some acrobatics thrown into it. It was very entertaining, and was a great way to start the day. Another show that I saw was a show where they showed off different kinds of birds, ranging from hawks to owls. What I liked was how they explained how the animals would be used in medieval times. The biggest show however, was the jousting match. You could go into to two different stands where two different knights would compete against each other in four games, a game where you use your lance to collect rings, one where they hit a shield and see how many times it goes around, a game where you see how much of a melon you can cut, and lastly, the match against the other knight. Both times I went, both sides were very into the match and it was very entertaining to watch. Sadly, my knight lost both times. Overall, the shows were very fun to watch, and kept me entertained.


Overall, my experience with the faire was very enjoyable to go to and participate in, and I would recommend you to go next year if you are able. If you haven’t been to an English faire before, I believe that this would be a good place to start.


Image result for olde english faire

Wildlife Prairie Park: The Basics

Wildlife Prairie Park: The Basics

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By Johnathon Kraus

    National parks are one of the many prides of America. From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, there are almost 85 million acres to explore! One of these fantastic parks is based right here in Peoria! Wildlife Prairie Park, officially known as the Hazel & Bill Rutherford Wildlife Prairie Park has around 1,700 acres to roam.  Recently, Appsco has partnered with Wildlife Prairie Park, to provide an all-access electronic guide to one of the best parks in the Central Illinois area! From maps of the many trails that wind throughout the park, to a list of attractions to spice up your trip, our app does it all! Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the Wildlife Prairie Park App

Main screen of the app


Features of the app

The Wildlife Prairie Park app has loads to offer, from attractions situated around the park to ways you can stay right inside of nature!With a click of a button, you can choose which trails you want to hike, what seasonal activities are available, and you can even give the friendly staff at WPP a call. With our app, the fun doesn’t have to stop all day! Also included are downloadable PDF files for the maps of the park, so even when your service quits, you don’t have to. The WPP app helps you do it all! 

How do I download this amazing app?

Our app is downloadable FOR FREE on IOS and Android. Just use the keywords “Wildlife Prairie Park” to easily find us!

Have any questions?

Don’t worry, it’s all good! Appsco representatives are available at Wildlife Prairie Park to help you out in any way necessary. Also, located in the top right corner of the app is a phone number to the WPP staff, where they can also help you navigate our amazing app. With all of that said, we at the Appsco team wish you happy hiking!

We love hiking too!
How Communication Affects a Business

How Communication Affects a Business

   By: Sarah Alasquar
Communication affects businesses because that is how others in the community are able to know more about you. If there wasn’t such thing as communication then it would be hard to get what you’re trying to promote across to people.
    There are good things that can come from having communication in a business. For example, if your business meets someone from the government or anyone important, the public can hear, from any source of communication, about what your business does, and with that it can boost your business and get attention from more people. But besides inside the business, people can use communication to get their business more well known by telling their close friends and family more about their business, and by telling those people, your business can begin to be more well known in your community, hopefully even further.
     But communication can also be bad for a business. For example, if something happens within the business and the it gets involved with a lawsuit or some sort of consequence, it will make the whole company look bad and can affect in the present and even in the future. Also with that, it could probably make you have to end your business because it won’t be meeting the goals that are set and the business might not be getting profit or whatever they need to be getting. 
    In conclusion, communication plays a big role in your business because without it your business won’t be doing the best it can potentially do. It just a convenient way to let more people know the purpose of your business. There are obviously more benefits and drawbacks about having communication in a business, but these are just a couple.