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Get to Know Us!


New year, new Appsco. The Appsco team has some fresh blood and we are prepared to represent Appsco to the fullest. With fourteen new members,  we have a lot to offer. Appsco is such a phenomenal organization because it really helps connect high school students to the working class. The next few posts will star our stellar new members.

Summer fun at Amanda’s!




Brianna Hill


Brianna is a junior at Richwoods High School. She participates in many extracurricular activities, and is in the International Baccalaureate Program, which encourages academic achievement and challenging classes.


Brianna is a hard worker and received the Deirdre Purcell Collins Math Award which recognizes top scores on standardized tests and excellent classroom performance.  Brianna also helps out the school through her position on student council. She has been on student council for six years and she plans to continue throughout the rest of high school. Brianna is apart of robotics where she participates in the mechanical sub-team. Her team, Robot Casserole, won a regional championship and made it to the World Championship in 2018.



Brianna is a fantastic team player and we love that she’s involved in so many activities. She participates in track, the Royalette dance team, Spanish club, and Key Club, which is an organization that goes out into the community and volunteers year round. Through this club she has volunteered at the Peoria Zoo, Civic Center, Midw est Food Bank, and many other places. Brianna is on our Twitter team for Appsco and is always super great at interacting with our followers! 

This is the first of our member introductions and i can’t wait for you guys to keep meeting us! We have a lot to show you. Helping out our community is our favorite activity but we have many other pastimes that we love too!

Comment your hobbies and interests below!


Partnership with Wildlife Prairie Park

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By: Ruby Hirschmann


Wildlife Prairie Park is a fun, educational place to take a field trip, family outing, and more! This park has so much to offer the community and AppsCo wants to help. Over the past couple months, we have been working on creating a partnership with Wildlife Prairie Park in hopes that we can build them a custom app. With several meetings under our belt, they have officially signed on to work with us. Over the summer we plan to work diligently to create them the best app possible. There is so much to learn within the park, having an app will make it even easier to do so and more engaging for kids!

Even though this partnership is just beginning, I think we have both benefitted from it already. Our sales team got to practice negotiating a deal with a big business, out tech team was able to meet their lead technical employee and engage in conversations with him, and out multi-media team got to take some amazing pictures of the animals that they have!

It is especially profitable being able to work with Wildlife Prairie Park because they are also a nonprofit company. It is amazing seeing how well their company is run. Over the course of this new relationship, all of our students will get to learn even more about nonprofits and how they reach out and effect the community.

This app will be so much fun to work on because as we further on with the development, we will be able to work directly from the park! Engaging with park members on how to use the app will be such a rewarding part of the process. I can’t wait to see how our team takes something so near and dear to the communities heart and improves it!