By: Sarah Alasquar
Communication affects businesses because that is how others in the community are able to know more about you. If there wasn’t such thing as communication then it would be hard to get what you’re trying to promote across to people.
    There are good things that can come from having communication in a business. For example, if your business meets someone from the government or anyone important, the public can hear, from any source of communication, about what your business does, and with that it can boost your business and get attention from more people. But besides inside the business, people can use communication to get their business more well known by telling their close friends and family more about their business, and by telling those people, your business can begin to be more well known in your community, hopefully even further.
     But communication can also be bad for a business. For example, if something happens within the business and the it gets involved with a lawsuit or some sort of consequence, it will make the whole company look bad and can affect in the present and even in the future. Also with that, it could probably make you have to end your business because it won’t be meeting the goals that are set and the business might not be getting profit or whatever they need to be getting. 
    In conclusion, communication plays a big role in your business because without it your business won’t be doing the best it can potentially do. It just a convenient way to let more people know the purpose of your business. There are obviously more benefits and drawbacks about having communication in a business, but these are just a couple.