Day in the life of an AppsCo member

In this blog post, I will go over one member of AppsCo’s daily schedule, and how they use their time over a one day period. In this post, I will go over what they do in the morning, what they do during school, and what they do in the afternoon. I didn’t ask about any personal interest questions, so it is more about the schedule, instead of their personal interests.

I will be starting with Monday, since school is a major factor in their schedule. Instead of calling them “the person I questioned” I will simply be calling them “student” . On Monday, student wakes up late in the morning, usually around 6:50-7:10 (School begins at 7:30) and brushes their teeth, gets their items and leaves for school. They do not eat breakfast. The student goes to Richwoods High School, and lives close by. Once they get to school, they sit down in class and get prepared for the day. The day goes normal, with many classes having discussions about things regarding what they are currently learning. Once school ends, depending on the date, the student will either walk home, get picked up, or go to club. On Monday, the student goes to club, then returns home. When the student gets home, they let the dogs out, feed and give the dogs water, and give the cats food and water. After this, they go to their room and watch YouTube or a show on their phone. If they have no homework, they will play a video game for a small amount of time. Around 7, the student will take a shower, eat dinner, then do their homework or study for a quiz. After they finish, the time is usually around 10, in which they will watch a few videos, and go to bed around 11:30. Then the next morning rolls around, and the schedule doesn’t change very much.

So, that is a day in the life of an AppsCo member. I’m interested in asking different people from AppsCo about this kind of thing, to see how someone balances time when they are involved in a sport that takes up much more time than a club or activity. I’m very interested to see the results!