By: Ethan Mejzak

The Event

Join AppsCo in our effort to give the youth the power to be the next business and civil leaders. On September 19th, at the Venue Chisca, you will be able to join AppsCo in a fundraising event, in which the proceeds go directly to supporting academic excellence in Peoria High Schools. The event chairs are Elizabeth and Alexis Khazzam, in which Alexis, the founder of AppsCo will talk about empowering today’s youth.

appsco’s goals

AppsCo started out as an after school club at Richwoods, and has expanded into a company striving to improve the community. At AppsCo, we wish strive daily to help improve our community in Peoria, and expanding our program to other people. Our vision is to help the community by not just developing apps, but helping out in the community as well. We value the community above all else, and strive to help out. We have helped out the community a lot over the past years, developing two apps and raising money for districts around Peoria. Our aim at the Rise Up event is so we can raise money to further help Peoria, and make it a better place overall.

We hope to see you at the event!

At AppsCo, we hope see you at the event this September to raise money for our public schools and community. With these donations, we want to help expand classrooms at Richwoods High School and Manual High School, as well as put AppsCo into Peoria High School by this fall.