In the summer, students tend to put off working and lose motivation. Many students can spend the summer studying for standardized testing such as the ACT and SAT, work a part time job, or research colleges. Instead of working on these things, students decide to hangout with friends, sleep in, or be lazy. To increase summer productivity students need to set goals. If you decide that you want to research a college, study or apply for a job, you should set an end goal in each category. This entails creating a schedule.

If you intend to accomplish a goal, schedule dates and times to work. As a student, it would be beneficial to choose one or two days a week to a certain task. Another idea is assigning a time to complete a task daily, so there is time for leisure during the rest of the day. One issue with increasing summer productivity is the obvious distractions most students face. Many teens will see a phone notification and immediately respond or check on it rather than completing a task. The simple solution is to just turn your device off when you are scheduled to complete a task.

Lastly, to maintain motivation , it is smart to keep in mind the end result of completing your task. If your goal is for example to apply to colleges, keep the benefits of a good career in the back of your mind to ensure you start the application process. All in all, to increase summer productivity students should set goals, schedule work times, eliminate distractions, and think of the end game.