Our origins

AppsCo started as an after school club in Richwoods High School. This is the original outline of that groundbreaking program. We are now a curriculum that is embedded in Peoria Public Schools and is a weighted credit towards graduation.

Our pilot program at Richwoods High School in conjunction with Junior Achievement will set the standard for AppsCo programs going forward.

Phase 1

Weeks 1 - 7
JA Be Entrepreneurial introduces students to the essential elements of a practical business plan and then challenges them to start an entrepreneurial venture while still in high school.

Students will learn about advertising, competitive advantages, financing, marketing, and product development.

The program is composed of seven sessions, each 45 minutes in length. The program is recommended for students in grades nine through 12. Materials are packaged in a self-contained kit that includes detailed session plans for the volunteer and materials for 32 students.

All JA programs are designed to support the skills and competencies identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. JA programs also correlate to state standards in social studies, English, and mathematics, and to Common Core State Standards.

More info via Junior Achievement website

Phase 2

Weeks 8 - 10
Mentors will be matched to students based on their placement in corresponding job roles.

We are pleased to have the expertise of Ann Oliver for matching the students to job roles. Ann was a StrengthsFinder 34 coach at Caterpillar and also an Entrepreneurial strengths coach. She coached over 2000 employees globally, and has hired more than 2000 Caterpillar employees in her career. She will be conducting specialized surveys with the students and working with each one individually in orienting their talent to a profession or work area. This will be a huge asset to the AppsCo Peoria Public School program.

Phase 3

Weeks 11 - 13
Directors will analyze characteristics of participating students to match them with job roles.

We will match the Appsco org chart with the student body using their favoring characteristics to assign job roles.

Phase 4

Week 14 to scholastic year end
Students will work for AppsCo, mentored in the job roles in which they are assigned by local business leaders.

Students will be assigned individualized projects within their job roles.

An example project might be the task of writing a 300 word blog on the trends of their specific job in today's workplace. The students will utilize industry standards set by Global Media Marketing and work with the Job Roles Mentor to help identify and illustrate local and Industry trends.

Phase 5

Non scholastic months
The participating students will continue to work for AppsCo in their assigned job.

Students will continue to be immersed in the real world business environment created for them while being paid for their employment. They will build knowledge, skills, and experience to carry them on to future success in life.

Former students can come back and be placed as interns to continue their training in the selected job field.