Confessions of a Baking Freak

CLASSIC Chocolate Chip Cookies.

This. This is the treat that got me into baking. and surprisingly, I didn’t actually make them until long after I’d started baking. When I first started baking, I wasn’t good, which is perfectly normal. But because of this, my mother wouldn’t waste money on chocolate chips until I had the basics of baking you […]

Confessions of a Baking Freak


This is a classic, super duper simple treat my family has made forever, usually as a summer treat. It involves a cooking skill that is good to have in your back pocket and is fun for all ages. That special skill I mentioned is called maceration. Don’t Google it, because that’s also the word for […]

Confessions of a Baking Freak

Simple One Bowl Banana Bread

Banana bread is one of the few things my Nana was actually good at making. My banana bread will never be as good as hers, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to make. And the reward is still pretty amazing: there’s not much that can compare to a warm piece of banana bread […]

Katt and Ade

Our Final Video *not clickbait :(

Welcome back to our channel for the last time! We are unfortunately retiring after our strenuous careers as Youtube stars. We have been hustling for the three months and we are so grateful for your support and loyalty throughout the entire process. We hope you enjoy this final video as we attempt to do couple’s […]

The New Discover Weekly

Top 5 Bands To Look Out For

Fade Awaays Fade Awaays are a Toronto based band that formed in 2013. The bands members are; Reid Macmaster (guitar), Duncan Briggs (bass), Sean Hackl(guitar), and Owen Wolff (drums) and they all song. Their style is mostly Garage Rock and their most popular song is currently “She Don’t Know Why” which is off their most […]

The New Discover Weekly

Top 5 Songs of The Week

Ode To Artifice by Samia “Ode To Artifice” is Samia’s most recent release and one that I’ve been really excited for ever since I heard it live. It’s really catchy and different from a lot of the other music I’ve heard recently. One of the best things about the song is Samia’s unique voice. I’m […]

Katt and Ade

A Day in the Life of Katt

Wow! This channel has come so far, as some may say “We started from the bottom and now we are here”, quoting Drake, a very famous influencer and rapper in western culture. Only a mere month ago Katt & Ade posted their first blog post check it out, in case you missed it! : […]

The New Discover Weekly

My Top 5 Songs Of The Week

Looking Out For You by Joy Again I feel like this song is just never going to leave my head. I just saw Joy Again open for the band Wallows earlier in the week and this song has been stuck in my head since then. It’s extremely catchy, upbeat, fun, and definitely worth a listen. […]

The Golf Informer

The Costs of Golf…

The hardest part of golf is getting started, many things can turn off a person from trying it for the first time. The biggest one for some people can be how expensive it is to really get into it. From the start up costs to ongoing costs like tees, balls, course fees, and accessories, how […]

Crystal Cheer

Top Ten Worst Uniforms

I’m sure y’all agree, bad uniforms are always the absolute worst. Although some of y’all reading this may have experienced a skirt that was too short or a shell that was too tight, nothing can top these uniforms fails. 10. No offense, but what is this, the 1960’s? I understand that we should not objectify […]

The Golf Informer

Danny DeVito in Golf??

One of the most confusing and mind boggling element of golf is all the lingo and slang involved. Some of it can be absolutely outrageous and make you think how someone ever came up with this, and some of them can be rather interesting sounding and actual useful phrases. Here are some of the best […]

Tech Talk

The Huawei Ban

You might have heard about the new ban Google made on Huawei. This is a very complex topic so nothing was rushed making this. This is everything you need to know about the Huawei ban. Huawei Huawei is a China based company that sells tech and is most notable for their smartphones. They are the […]

Tech Talk

The New Galaxy Fit

The Galaxy has just announced there new Galaxy Fit that will be released later this year. It will be competing with Fitbit and it’s said to be pretty similar. This is everything you need to know about the upcoming Galaxy Fit. Design The design is slim and it’s so light you barely know it’s there. […]

Tech Talk

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy The OnePlus 7 Pro

The newest OnePlus flagship phone is the best of them yet. It’s a notchless all screen display with a mechanical pop-up camera. Here are the 3 reasons why you should buy it. 1. Display The display is one that can’t be beat. It’s huge, it has a 6.7in. diagonal. It’s bright and it’s HDR plus […]

Tech Talk

AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro just came out and the AirPods now have competition. Of course, it’s not really a competition because they’re both owned by Apple, but here’s a little battle to see which one is better. Design AirPods: One size fits all + Stem Powerbeats Pro: Earhooks + Ear Tips Purpose AirPods: Fitness Powerbeats Pro: […]

Tech Talk

Rundown on Google I/O

Google I/O (input/output) is an annual developer conference where new ideas are brought to life. These are all the new ideas and announcements that were made. Android Q Beta 3 This is the newest software for android devices and it will be included in over 21 devices! It has many amazing new features. Live Caption […]

Music and TV Small Screen Review

Your Newest TV Obsession.

Hi everyone! Welcome to Small Screen Review. I don’t know about you, but I love watching TV. I am constantly amazed by people’s ability to take a simple idea and develop it into a complex story. There are so many beautifully done TV shows that deserve to be recognized. This blog will have everything TV […]

Music and TV The New Discover Weekly

The Easiest Way to Discover New Music!

Hey! Welcome to my new blog, The New Discover Weekly. Here i’ll post articles discussing different topics in the world of new indie and alternative music. There are a number of reasons why people tend to listen to artists with bigger names rather than smaller known artists. Some people think that just because a band […]


World Soccer Talk

James McCune Smith

by: John Abboud Early Life and death James McCune Smith was born on April 1813 in Manhattan, New York. His mother purchased her own freedom and his father may have been a free slave or a white merchant. He later died on November 17 1865 at the age of 52 to heart disease. Education James […]

Développé Your Knowledge of Dance

Dance + Musicals

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before in a previous blog, but not only do I love dancing, I love performing and singing. I’ve been performing since I was about 4 and dancing since I was about 10. I pretty much faked my dancing skills until I really needed them. I love performing […]

DIY? It's Fun!

DIY Christmas Wreath

Hi! This is Alex! In my last blog, I will be telling you how to make a Christmas wreath. I am going to be making a Christmas Wonderland wreath but be creative and come up with your own design of a Christmas wreath. These different designs could be a traditional wreath, it could also be […]

Développé Your Knowledge of Dance

Ballet Lingo

As you may have noticed from my previous blogs, I have a “term of the blog” at the very end of each. These are relatively popular terms used in ballet and choreography that I thought would be a good intro for today’s blog which is going to talk all about the ballet terminology origin and […]