Dancer Overload

1 Out of 5 Winners…

Hey everyone my name is Amanda. I am 16 years old and I live in Peoria, Illinois. I have been a dancer for 5 years now. I took ballet and tap when I was 8, fun fact I didn’t really like it as much back then. I started dancing again for two years on my middle school’s dance team.

Originally in middle school, I tried out for cheer and didn’t ending up making it, but then I tried out for dance because I wanted to be involved with a school activity. I had asked my cousin, who has dance background, to help me with some of the moves from the tryout dance so I could perfect it for the auditions. Trying out for dance was the best decision because it has made me love dance more then ever.

In 7th grade, my team and I had gone to a competition where we were 1/10 of point away from making it to state. At that competition, I have received an individual award that was also given to 4 other dancers. The Rising Star Award is given out to dancers that shows good showmanship, technique, We were devastated and had asked our principal for another chance at state. When we got our 2nd chance, we finally made it to state and it was the best feeling. The whole team was emotional because it seemed unreal.

Now, I’m on the Royalettes Dance Team at Richwoods High School. This is my second year on varsity. In high school, I’ve experienced not only dancing at basketball games but at football games as well. We dance mostly throughout the whole year, the season starts in September with football season. Then we move on to basketball season and competition season in the winter. Once basketball and competition season winds down the whole season ends around March. Then try-outs go on in May, and when you make the team, summer practices starts and so does UDA (Universal Dance Association) camp. I am excited to continue my journey on the dance team because I have made so many good memories and I want that to go on. While continuing dance can bring me benefits for the future to come.