Crystal Cheer

Reasons you should read Crystal Cheer

Hi, my name is Nicholette! This blog is going to be a place where I discuss my experiences with cheer, tumbling and everything in between! Basically, I might talk about certain stunts we’ve been doing in practice or skill I’m trying to master. I also may try to help y’all that are reading by giving quick tips and tricks to improve your cheering/tumbling. I’ll help you with certain skills you’re having trouble with! my posts may be anywhere from very vague, for example ‘tips on how to eat well’ to specific skills and how to do them, like ‘7 ways to improve your basing in cheer’.

2. Having knowledge on your subject makes you both more credible and more educated (obviously). Not only that, but safety is key when it comes to cheer and tumbling, and knowing all the ways to stay safe is crucial!

3. You’re also probably wondering, what makes me, a random girl on the internet, credible to give you advice? Well, I’ve been doing cheer for about 6 years and have been in and out of tumbling classes for 5 years. Not only that, but if I am unsure about anything I want to post on here, I will run it through my coaches to make sure its credible and factual.

4. This blog can give you a sense of accountability! Ill be posting twice every week, and at the end of every post I’ll ask if y’all have been trying to improve a certain stunt or flip! Having someone check in on your progress makes you a lot more likely to want to improve

5. I think I’m pretty funny! With this blog, you aren’t reading a monotonous list that’s impersonal and just a corporate grab for cash. I’m I genuinely want to help y’all improve because I know how exciting that feeling is 🙂

Have a good day y’all, and remember

“Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up.”