Tech Talk

This is the Future

Just when you thought things were getting stagnant, Samsung releases the Galaxy Fold. It’s the greatest new idea in technology. Here’s how it works, the pros and cons, and whether or not you should buy it.

How it Works

The Galaxy Fold screen is an AMOLED display with three hinges connecting the special composite polymer and the malleable adhesive with a plastic outer layer. Basically, this all allows the display to fold over itself like a book. Samsung has said that this screen will be able to fold 200,000 times before it starts to show wear.


  • 7.3 in. AMOLED Open Display
  • The folding display allows for the phone to be used with one hand or open it to be a tablet.
    • Multi-Active Window Mode
  • Allows users to open three apps at one time.
    • App Continuity
  • Provides seamless transitions between open and closed form.
    • Powered by Snapdragon 855 7nm engine
  • This makes the phone one of the fastest in the market.
    • 12GB RAM
  • One of the highest RAM counts on the market.
    • Triple Lens Setup
  • This allows for wide angle photos, telephoto photos, and ultra wide angle photos.
    • f/2.2 Lens & 8 Megapixel Depth Sensor
  • This allows for the blurry background photos we all love.
  • Cons
    • Lacks microSD Card Slot
  • This doesn’t allow expansion of storage but it does come with 512 GB of storage already and for most that would be enough.
    • 4380mAh Battery Capacity
  • This is not as big of a battery as I would like considering that it is a premium phone.
    • Risk of Broken Screen
  • Lastly, is the worst of them all. For many reviewers, they peeled a protective layer off the phone that they thought was removable. However, it was not and therefore broke the screen as shown in the picture above. This is only a concern if you didn’t know not to remove the protective layer. Samsung has to do a better job of making that clear when they release it.
  • Should You Use It?
  • As of right now Samsung has delayed the release until further notice due to the screen problem. However, even when it’s released I still don’t think that you should buy it. The hefty price of $1980 is just too much for a first generation and there are still tweaks that need to be worked out beforehand. I do think though that with time this will be developed into a great phone and everyone should get one.