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Why You Need to Take the Vacation You Deserve

You’re super busy and stressed out at work and can never catch a break. You still have all your vacation days you are just waiting to use, but you just can’t. You keep saying “I can’t use them yet.” “We are too busy right now” “there is too much going on at work” “I can’t leave right now” Why keep making these excuses?? Vacation days are meant for you to use to get away. That’s the whole purpose and reasoning behind it. They are here for you to use to escape the stress and hassle of work. In 2017 52% of Americans said they had vacation days that went unused. America had given up 200 million vacation days. 10% of Americans take no vacation days at all and only 23% say that they use all the days they are entitled too.

Why is this so important? 61% of Americans suffer from work related stress. Stress can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, or heart disease. All of this is important information to be aware of because it will, 1. Raise awareness and 2. Show you why vacation days are so important to our health. 3/5 Americans who do choose to use their vacation days admit to doing some type of work while they are away. This plays into the statement that we are being overworked and overwhelmed by the amount of work we have to complete. Those late nights at the office lead to you picking up some fast food on the way home and missing out on time with family. The early mornings result in lack of sleep and poor work.

How do taking your vacation days help with all of that? When you’re on vacation you tend to get more sleep, a healthier amount. You also won’t have to deal with the stress of all of your work, that is if you are doing your vacation the right way and not focusing on all of that. Finally, it will improve productivity. It’s proven that for every 10 hours of additional vacation time, employees year-end performance ratings rose 8%. For example, I stress a lot about school and work and everything else in my life and I just went to Mexico. The entire time there I was smiling and happy with my family, we were more active, eating healthier and less, and just overall it was a lot better there. None of us had school, work, or homework to worry about and it was all smiles and laughing.

Americans need to start using their vacation days. It will lead to better health, less stress, and happy memories. These days are given to us for us to use, not throw away. I read somewhere that by not taking your vacation days it is like you are paying your employer. You have your entire life, or a large fraction of it, for work so why miss out on the fun times? Before you know it your life will have passed you by and you will regret all the memories you never had a chance to make.