Tech Talk

Apple and Google Are Getting Into New Territory

Apple has already released some of the new services that they have promised like News+ but, we can expect much more from them and Google. Here’s everything you can expect from Apple and Google.

1. Gaming

Apple and Google are both getting into gaming, but they’ll be releasing different services. Apple will release Apple Arcade and that will include hundreds of new Apple inclusive games. While Google on the other hand will release Stadia that will include features where you can watch someone play a game and you can join in right there. I think both are going to be great and am excited to be trying them out.

2. Tv Streaming

Google has already dipped their toes in tv streaming with YouTube and Chromecast but now Apple is getting into that area. Apple is going to release later this year a new streaming service called Apple TV+. There are going to be a lot of well known actors in the Apple Originals. These shows are supposed to be pretty good but with all these other subscriptions that I already have I think that Apple’s will just be unnecessary.

3. News

Apple has always included the news app on their phones with articles to read for free but now it’s gotten a little upgrade that includes magazine subscriptions. I think it’s a good idea to have all of your magazine subscriptions all in one place but nowadays you can read those articles anywhere. Unless Apple is offering something other than just the convenience, I think that adding another subscription service is useless.

4. Apple Card

Apple announced that they will now have an Apple Credit Card. You will receive a titanium card in the mail and it will have no number on it. However, most of your payments will use the app on your phone. It was made to help you be more financially transparent. With the app you can easily see where you bought something and for how much. It will then organize all your payments into categories to see where you spend the most. They say it’s lower interest rates and I like that it’s very convenient, but solely using an online card seem pretty scary. The idea is nice but I don’t think I’ll be using the card.

If you liked any of the new services or you’re going to try any of them out, let me know in the comments.