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How I Made Money Fixing Phones at 14.

I’ve always loved technology in both hardware and software, but I never knew I could make money at such a young age by doing something I loved. This is how I started my own phone repair business at 14.

1. Learning

When I was 14, my friend shattered her phone and was going to just throw it away. I asked her if I could have it and she gave it to me instead. I knew nothing about fixing phones so decided to just look online and see if anybody had any videos. To my luck, there are tons of videos out there. However, I didn’t do my research and I ended up just buying a cheap screen from Amazon. I tried to follow the videos, but it never worked. I realized I had bought the wrong screen and tried again. The second time around I did it right. So, it doesn’t even take that much effort to learn how to do something nowadays because of things like YouTube and you can start a business like me.

2. Finding Customers

After I learned how to fix phones then I had to find customers. When I first learned to fix phones, I didn’t even plan on making it a business. Then some of my other friends broke their phones and I said I could do it for them. I was able to do it for much cheaper because I wasn’t paying anybody but myself so a lot of people started to come to me. By word of mouth around the school, I had built up credit and people were coming to me to fix their phones. Today, it’s even easier to spread the word about your business because of social media.

3. Making it Official

With the help of my brother, I was able to make it even more official. I was able to create a website and make business cards. So, I had learned how to do it, then I built up a customer base, and I was able to expand it with a website and social media.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever thought of creating your own business and if you’re still going to.

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