Tech Talk

AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro

The Powerbeats Pro just came out and the AirPods now have competition. Of course, it’s not really a competition because they’re both owned by Apple, but here’s a little battle to see which one is better.


AirPods: One size fits all + Stem

Powerbeats Pro: Earhooks + Ear Tips


AirPods: Fitness

Powerbeats Pro: Casual


AirPods: White

Powerbeats Pro: Black, Ivory, Navy, Moss

Noise Isolation

AirPods: No

Powerbeats Pro: Yes


AirPods: No (Taps Only)

Powerbeats Pro: Yes


AirPods: No

Powerbeats Pro: Yes

Wireless Charging

AirPods: No

Powerbeats Pro: Yes

Battery Life

AirPods: 9 Hours

Powerbeats Pro: 5 Hours

Case Battery

AirPods: 24+ Hours

Powerbeats Pro: 24+ Hours

Fast Charge

AirPods: Yes

Powerbeats Pro: Yes

Hey Siri

AirPods: Yes

Powerbeats Pro: Yes


AirPods: $250

Powerbeats Pro: $159-199


So, really these are marketed for different aspects. The AirPods are mainly for casual easy use because the carrying case is so small and portable. While the Powerbeats Pro are for fitness because it’s of the ear piece and sweat resistance. However, I honestly think that the Powerbeats Pro would be great for every day use as well. The carrying case is a lot bigger, but with all of the other benefits it has over AirPods I would definitely keep these in my bag.

What do you think? Have you tried either one? Let me know.