Tech Talk

Rundown on Google I/O

Google I/O (input/output) is an annual developer conference where new ideas are brought to life. These are all the new ideas and announcements that were made.

Android Q Beta 3

This is the newest software for android devices and it will be included in over 21 devices! It has many amazing new features.

  • Live Caption
  • Better Sharing Tools
  • Notification Clearing
  • Screen Recorder
  • WiFi Sharing
  • Smart Suggestions
  • Smart Reply
  • Dark Theme
  • Privacy Settings
  • Focus Mode
  • Screen Time

Google Stadia

This is the new Google gaming subscription service. It will be a cloud based service that you can play anywhere with internet. The best feature is the ability to switch between multiple devices in seconds. It will also allow you to play straight from a YouTube video that is compatible with it. This will be the main service competing with Apple Arcade.

Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL

I won’t go too much into this because I have a whole blog post about them, but basically this is the new mid-range phone. It will have the same rear facing camera but with a plastic body. If you want to learn more about it, check out my blog post.

Google Nest Hub Max

So, the old Google Home Hub is now being rebranded to the Google Nest Hub because of their collaboration with Nest. The max will be a little different though. It will, of course, have a bigger screen, but it will also have a front facing camera for duo calls. It will be able to detect who a person is that walks by and pull up there info on the screen. (Pretty scary is you ask me.)

Android Automotive OS

There are many plans that Google has for this, but one they talked about this year is that they’re opening the platform to new developers. So these developers will be able to create much better apps for cars.

Google Cardboard

This was actually released a couple of years ago but it still hasn’t been fully out there yet. So, it is essentially a box that can fold up to become a be set for your phone.

Google Duplex

This is a new way to schedule appointments. It allows you to speak with and automated speaker. It then schedules the appointment with you and adds it to your calendar. This was actually released last year, but I thought I’d include because it was talked about this year.

Let me know in the comments what you think of all the new innovative ideas that are coming out.