Tech Talk

The Huawei Ban

You might have heard about the new ban Google made on Huawei. This is a very complex topic so nothing was rushed making this. This is everything you need to know about the Huawei ban.


Huawei is a China based company that sells tech and is most notable for their smartphones. They are the number 2 phone competitor in the world. It’s been kind of rocky lately for them because the US has been rocky with China. Government employees aren’t even allowed to buy Huawei phones because it’s been said that they’re used to spy for China.

Executive Order

The government just released an executive order with a blacklist of many companies that are not allowed to do business with American companies and Huawei was one of them. Since Google is an American company, they have immediately severed ties with Huawei.

What this Means

For existing phones any Huawei phone will be able to receive software updates for 90 days. However after that it will not be able to receive anything new. It will still be able to use Google Play Store and the security will still function. None of this though applies to new phone bought after the ban.

What They’ll Do

So, Huawei has been preparing for this for months now. They have built up a stockpile of non-American hardware suppliers and are prepared for building new phones. But they aren’t quite prepared for the software aspect of this. They have been trying to create a new App Store and OS but this will be a difficult challenge. If the OS is not like the others then no one will want to use it and if they can’t get all the American-made apps like Netflix and Instagram then it won’t work either.

Do you think that the ban will be reversed or will Huawei be able to figure things out?