They Survived

So this time I am switching it up to soccer first because it is more important. So the makeup game for Richwoods Notre Dame. Game was on Monday because the game was postponed from rain and field conditions. So the game resumed at 21:54 with a restart at half field next to the benches. The game was pretty even throughout the game until around the 10 minute mark they got a goal off of a free kick. Then Notre Dame up 1-0. But that was ok because Richwoods was still playing with great intensity. They scored their next goal to go up 2-0 with a PK. But Richwoods responded with a Tristan Wagner goal to get it to 2-1. Then Will Wentworth got another yellow card which made us play a player down and that just hurt Richwoods badly the defense was super tired but kept playing hard and kept it at 2-1 and we lost. It was sad but the worse thing is that we would lose 6 amazing seniors at Richwoods. So Notre Dame played against Geneseo 3-0 to advance to sectional finals. Dunlap played against Rock Island and won 4-3in double OT. Those games were played at Galesburg. So Dunlap and Notre Dame play on November 1 at 7:00 Richwoods does not want Notre Dame to win so we have told Dunlap players some tricks to win and was they can play.

So later that week they played Dunlap against Notre Dame. So there was a lot of people there and big student sections. Dunlap had a nice goal by Nick Cenek and then they scored again and it was a sophomore Will Bisland. They were up 2-0. Notre Dame was getting very frustrated and they had their best played trying to pick them up and they scored by a cross and a header and then it was 2-1. They had a lot of momentum and they were going to come out strong after that goal. Later in the first half they got another goal and made it 2-2 going into halftime. Then they kept control the rest of the game and they won 4-2. Notre Dame Student section stormed the field like they won state. Notre Dame plays Benet Acadamy in Sterling, Illinois.

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