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XBOX VS. Ps4! THROWBACK SUPER CLASH!!! (5 Major Categories)

**Disclaimer: Edited after I got the Ps4! Still not doing opinion on which one I prefer until I’ve had it a while longer.**

1. STORAGE: Storage is a pretty big one since consoles are made almost entirely for gaming. Both of them contain 1 to 2 TB of storage leaving room for a monstrous amount of games. It makes sense but it leaves me wondering exactly how they got the exact amount of storage. Did one find out about the others storage size and copy it? Or was it a coincidence?

Image result for xbox storage screen
Image result for ps4 storage screen

2. LAYOUT: First lets talk about the Xbox. Unlike its rival, the Ps4, It has a second HOME screen that you can open by pressing the big X on your controller. So that way you don’t have to exit the game to get to settings. It also allows for a quick screen shot or clip to be taken by pressing the ‘X’ button while on that screen. It also has four tabs to access other features such as the store, community clips, Mixer (streaming service), and of course the home screen you are defaulted to when logging on. To Access any of the the other three tabs by pressing RB or LB.

Your default home screen simply contains the games you played last as well as who you can play with, mind you it will only show you a few of them. Other wise access friends by pressing the Home button on your controller and press LB once to access your friends, press LB one more time to access party settings.

The Ps4 in turn has a set of circle shaped buttons at the top of the home screen that can get you to places like privacy settings,user settings, ect. Its apps can be accessed by simply scrolling left to right with the joy sticks on to different games and such. By scrolling like this you can find other features like the store and media. It really can’t get simpler than that.

Image result for ps4 home screen
Image result for xbox home screen

3. PS PLUS VS XBOX LIVE GOLD & XBOX GAME PASS: So Ps4’s PS Plus and Xbox’s Games With Gold are basically the same thing. They both offer a subscription worth money and in return you get a set amount of free games every month. Usually 3-4. You also get online access and the ability to open parties with friends for Xbox, as well as the Ps4. The amount of money each costs doesn’t vary, for twelve months they both cost $59.99 plus tax.

Xbox Game Pass also has an equivalent, the infamous PS Now. Both offer a wide selection of free games and even offers on more expensive games. Unlike Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus you aren’t given a few to get each month. Instead you have hundreds already available to you! Plus offers that can bring a $60 game down up to half its price. Pretty sweet huh?

4. THE CONTROLLERS: I’m not going to lie the Ps4 kind of trumps the Xbox on this one. Don’t get me wrong Xbox has a pretty cool design. I especially like the logo Home button where its at which also provides easy access to your menu. The color of the buttons is very nice giving it a clash of colors. The one thing that can be off setting to some people is the difference in position of the Joy sticks. Some people would argue its very comfortable other would argue its just plain weird.

The Ps4 controller, and im sorry to say, out weighs the Xbox controller in coolness. The xbox controller does look nice but compared to the Ps4 controllers different features it just can’t compete. I mean the Ps4 controllers have a customizable LIGHT on the front end of them. Not to mention its touch pad on the front,which is the big black square you see middle top of the controller down below.

XBOX: Left PS4:Right

5. ACCOUNT CUSTOMIZATION: This is one where I feel the Xbox shines brightest considering its adding of Avatars into the mix. You can customize it however you desire, and just have all around fun with it! You also have a number of privacy settings which you could set as far as “No one can see this”, “Everyone can see this”, or ” Only friends can see this”. It just depends on what settings your on.

The Ps4 also has said privacy settings but their not as thorough. Say you want so set who you could share creations with (for games like Roblox) you would set “Anyone” or “No one” without a third option for friends. Not to say is worse than the Xbox of course. The Ps4 has basically the same amount of privacy settings as the Xbox.

Image result for ps4 account customization

Unfortunatley I won’t be giving a preference since I only bought the Ps4 recently. Hopefully once I grasp its features and layout more I can better determine which one I like most! That’s It for now, Enjoy your day!!!