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Dance + Musicals

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before in a previous blog, but not only do I love dancing, I love performing and singing. I’ve been performing since I was about 4 and dancing since I was about 10. I pretty much faked my dancing skills until I really needed them. I love performing in front of people and being able to do that gives me such a thrill. I’ve been in so many musicals including Mary Poppins, Lion King, Music Man, Cinderella, James and the Giant Peach, Rapunzel, Matilda, and too many more. My favorite musical I’ve been in so far is either Cinderella or James in the Giant Peach. The reasons for both are similar because they both involve dance. The choreography in both of those shows was so amazing and fun to do and super challenging. It takes a lot to be able to sing and dance at the same time. But, after a very long tangent to this blog, I’ll bring it all back together by mentioning and describing the best dance musicals, or the musicals that have not only the best dancers, but the best choreography.

Newsies – Newsies is about this group of orphan boys who sell papers for a company in order to make money, but stuff happens and they are barely getting paid. But the plot is besides the point – as it is in almost all musicals if I’m just talking about the dance aspects. Their technicality in all of the dance scenes is impeccable. Each movement is sharp and very difficult to do yet they make it look swift and easy all together. They mainly use leaps and kicks throughout the show and there are parts with some turn combos as well. 

Chorus Line – Chorus Line takes place on the same day in the same dance studio in the span of about 3-4 hours. A group of dancers are auditioning to be a part of a dance company and it is all about their stories and at the end you find out who makes it and who doesn’t. Throughout the show, the dancers are in a line, or hence the title, a chorus line, giving their own story with dance breaks in between. All of the dances are major dances with such amazing choreography that is executed with such strength and persistence. 

Anything Goes – Remember when I told y’all about that embarrassing moment when I tripped during a tap dance? Well, that was to a song from Anything Goes, performing the choreo for recital. There is a very big tap number in this show that is both outstanding and so incredibly clean that it just amazes me. Almost the entire cast is in this number. They all know every movement so well that they perform it like it’s the easiest thing on earth – trust me, it’s not. Tap can be very deceiving. It looks easy. Some people think that as long as you have the tap shoes, you can just stamp around and make noise. But that’s where people are wrong. If any single person on that stage (that, get this, has floor mics to pick up even more sound) makes an extra noise with their shoe, the audience will be able to hear it and it ruins the perfect dance moment. Because of this, all dancers obviously have to be in sync with each other and this is where counts come in and are SUPER DUPER important. 


En Pointe – When you dance on your toes (in pointe shoes)