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Danny DeVito in Golf??

One of the most confusing and mind boggling element of golf is all the lingo and slang involved. Some of it can be absolutely outrageous and make you think how someone ever came up with this, and some of them can be rather interesting sounding and actual useful phrases. Here are some of the best […]


Nike’s classics

Nike Mercurial These boots are designed for the attackers, creators and everything in between. The studs are ready for darting runs, cuts, and straight out sprints. These cleats are famous for being very lightweight and providing a barefoot like feel when you play. The mercurial line has produced the Vapors for a long time but […]


2 New Cleats by Nike

Nike Phantom Vision These cleats are the replacement for the Magista line. They have similar ideas when making the cleats with some differences in the Phantom visions.  The cleats are geared most towards the creators of the game such as midfielders but can obviously be worn by anyone. The cleats feature studs ready for quick […]


How I almost died!!

I almost died because of the soccer cleats I was wearing! I know it sounds impossible but it’s a true story! One day I was playing a soccer game with my brand new cleats, so obviously, I felt untouchable. But that changed quickly. I was running back towards my goal chasing a through ball as […]

Crystal Cheer

Reasons you should read Crystal Cheer

Hi, my name is Nicholette! This blog is going to be a place where I discuss my experiences with cheer, tumbling and everything in between! Basically, I might talk about certain stunts we’ve been doing in practice or skill I’m trying to master. I also may try to help y’all that are reading by giving […]