By Johnathon Kraus

    National parks are one of the many prides of America. From Yellowstone to the Grand Canyon, there are almost 85 million acres to explore! One of these fantastic parks is based right here in Peoria! Wildlife Prairie Park, officially known as the Hazel & Bill Rutherford Wildlife Prairie Park has around 1,700 acres to roam.  Recently, Appsco has partnered with Wildlife Prairie Park, to provide an all-access electronic guide to one of the best parks in the Central Illinois area! From maps of the many trails that wind throughout the park, to a list of attractions to spice up your trip, our app does it all! Without further adieu, let’s take a look at the Wildlife Prairie Park App

Main screen of the app


Features of the app

The Wildlife Prairie Park app has loads to offer, from attractions situated around the park to ways you can stay right inside of nature!With a click of a button, you can choose which trails you want to hike, what seasonal activities are available, and you can even give the friendly staff at WPP a call. With our app, the fun doesn’t have to stop all day! Also included are downloadable PDF files for the maps of the park, so even when your service quits, you don’t have to. The WPP app helps you do it all! 

How do I download this amazing app?

Our app is downloadable FOR FREE on IOS and Android. Just use the keywords “Wildlife Prairie Park” to easily find us!

Have any questions?

Don’t worry, it’s all good! Appsco representatives are available at Wildlife Prairie Park to help you out in any way necessary. Also, located in the top right corner of the app is a phone number to the WPP staff, where they can also help you navigate our amazing app. With all of that said, we at the Appsco team wish you happy hiking!

We love hiking too!